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(Many of these will correspond with Marianne's. Updates are at the bottom!)

:bulletblue: Nearly two centuries of the court at Versailles have made France a very skilled verbal warrior. The only one who can get him to lose his calm facade (generally) is England.

:bulletwhite: France was a victim of "Madame Guillotine" towards the end of the Reign of Terror and only a noblewoman who knew his secret saved him from burial in a mass grave. He had to wear thick bandages around his neck until the wound healed.

:bulletred: France is well versed in painting, sketching, sculpting, dancing and singing

:bulletblue: France was not in love with Joan of Arc in a romantic sort of way, but he still loved the young woman with an absolutely overpowering love that devastated him to no end when Joan was killed. For a long time he was lied to about the truth of Joan's death and when he found out her own generals had the chance to save her, but didn't, it was one of the few times France's government had seen him truly angry. Each and every last one of them groveled around him until they were out of office, for fear of making him angry again. However, in some ways France also blames himself for her death: if he hadn't been at war with England (if they'd been able to get over their petty rivalry), she might've lived.

:bulletwhite: It's very hard to make France angry, but once he is, it's not a pretty thing and it's not easy to derail. He can stay angry a long time.

:bulletred: Grandpa Rome fathered Gaul, who sired France, Spain and the Italies with Hispania. France is one of the few nations to have two parents who were both around for any length of time in his childhood. Rome was also responsible for the deaths of Gaul and Hispania.

:bulletblue: France lost an arm in the battle of Agincourt and an eye in the battle of Trafalgar.

:bulletwhite: By the time Napoleon was exiled, France was thoroughly sick of the man and wanted nothing more to do with him. Privately he was a bit relieved when he bit the dust.

:bulletred: Marianne is more sensitive about her age than Francis, though they both argue (despite the facts) that they are still young

:bulletblue: His beard represents the Gorges du Tarn (canon)

:bulletwhite: Sometimes after world meetings, France and Russia will go see a ballet together.

:bulletred: He's very attracted to others' smells, and has expressed a strong preference for a faint, flowery smell (canon)

:bulletblue: An abruptly awoken France is not a pleasant sight. He gets very "hissy". He's also a sleepwalker (hinted at by canon) and has been known to punch or kick others in the bed in his sleep

:bulletwhite: Due to treasure gained and sold from conquests in his youth, and a vineyard he maintains in southern France, Francis has amassed a fair amount of money, which supports his exquisite tastes.

:bulletred: Francis likes Lady Gaga

:bulletblue: Francis has slightly wider hips than most men, which are what give him that curvy backside he's got going on

:bulletwhite: France will generally avoid swearing; he finds it very inelegant and a sign of an impoverished vocabulary.

:bulletred: France regularly bets against England during the Olympics (They take bets on their former colonies when they're going up against each other)

:bulletblue: After centuries of fencing (which he continues to this day), France is incredibly skilled in swordplay

:bulletwhite: Post-WWI, France suffered a major existential crisis. He questioned what the point of living was at all and got very into reading philosophy. New art movements and the continued rebuilding of France helped him get out of that rut and eventually he did bounce back.

:bulletred: Francis and Marianne are both completely pansexual and panromantic with no preferences. They are equally happy with anyone and can find beauty in absolutely everyone.

:bulletblue: Concerning France's supposed weakness: This is a point I feel is necessary to attack in a bit more depth. France is NOT weak. Yes, France is stereotyped as being a "surrender-monkey" but this is largely due to the WWII incident where French president Petain surrendered the Northern half of France to Germany in order to stop fighting. However, a quick look at history shows that France actually has the most successful military record in Europe, in a balance of battles entered to battles won. France was the second largest empire in the world and the only one powerful enough to consistently, and in many cases successfully challenge the United Kingdom (Castillon and The Hundred Years' War come to mind). And we must also remember the French Resistance did a great deal to help the Allies; it wasn't as if France was sitting on his ass while the Allies fought. He was still out there helping them. This is to say nothing, of course, of the internal conflict France has suffered (I'm sure we all remember Monsieur Robespierre's Reign of Terror after the first French Revolution).

But on the same note, France does not LIKE to fight. Whatever agreeability he may have felt towards it in his teenage years is gone; WWI wiped the last of his desire to fight any battles out. He prefers to avoid battles and wars, saving them as a last resort. The distinction is between not wanting to fight and not being able to fight. He may resist war or battle to the point of appearing cowardly or weak, but it is not for either of those reasons.

In terms of rp: Yes, you can make French surrender jokes. Yes, you can make jokes about France being weak. They're made in the anime all the time and I'm okay with them. Go crazy! Just remember that when it really comes down to it, France CAN fight. He IS strong, he just prefers to channel that strength into other things, like art and culture.

:bulletwhite: When France is feeling impatient or bored, he'll start rocking back and forth on his heels. He doesn't like "fidgety" habits, so he tries not to, but sometimes he does it without thinking.

:bulletred: Francis regards Monaco very much as a little sister figure and will often invite her to come spent holidays in Paris with him. Their relationship hasn't always been smooth, but he likes having her around and likes going to visit her.

:bulletblue: France cannot for the LIFE of him pronounce a "th" sound. It will ALWAYS come out as an "s" or "z" (Ie: Arsur instead of Arthur, zink instead of think etc.). He also has a lot of trouble with "r". It will sometimes come out sounding more like a "w" (Ie: Bwitain, Fwance, etc.). He's a bit touchy about this if it's picked on, though he'll justify it by saying English words aren't worth learning to say properly. He has a better grasp on the "r" sound than Marianne; her accent is thicker and she struggles more with pronouncing difficult English sounds.

:bulletwhite: Unlike Marianne, Francis' voice has stayed quite the same over the years. There has only been one major change--when puberty finally, finally caught up with him and his voice dropped from his high, sweet soprano to a tenor. It still retains the sweetness from his youth.

:bulletred: While England may mourn the loss of his empire, France was in many ways relieved to see his go. He had long wearied of being a world power and was quite content to let Russia and America take over the stage as the dominant world powers. He has no desire to have the position back and is quite happy focusing on simpler, less worrisome things.

:bulletblue: As a child, Francis had a very androgynous appearance; he was a beautiful child but could have easily passed as a boy or a girl (at some points more easily as the latter). Puberty didn't take this away until his late teens, at which point he finally looked decisively male.

:bulletwhite: Due to losing his right arm in the Battle of Agincourt, France had to learn to use his left hand instead. Even after the right arm healed, he remained--and remains--ambidextrous.

:bulletred: France didn't know about the concentration camps in his country until after France had been liberated from Nazi control.

:bulletblue: During WWII, a portion of France's mind was the Vichy Regime and she had to constantly fight to keep it from taking over.

:bulletwhite: During and after the Nazi Occupation, France suffered from panic attacks and terrible nightmares. Very few, if any, of the nations know about this (personally I think England is one of the few).

:bulletred: Because of the memories associated with them (The Black Death), France does NOT like mice or rats. If he sees one, he'll probably have a mini-meltdown, especially if it's around his house. On that note, mentions of the Black Death still make France queasy and uneasy. It's one of the darkest memories he has.

:bulletblue: Francis is a very giggly, happy drunk. Sometimes he gets sexual, but he usually gets distracted so easily it doesn't go anywhere.

:bulletwhite: The French Revolution messed France up. The longer it went on, the more he started to lose it and become consumed with paranoia and the need to destroy everyone who he saw as a threat to his liberty. Eventually the French government put his away for a while until he calmed down (this was before the beheading).

:bulletred: France is still Catholic, but much more lax than previously. He still attends mass on big holidays and sometimes when he just feels like it. He does go to confessional sometimes as well as it makes him feel better, even though he's at least 50% sure he's not going to be getting into heaven when he does die. Once in a while he does still participate in Lent and he'll do the Advent calendar and such, but he's much more relaxed and private about it than in previous times.

France has always been spiritual, but dislikes many things about organized religion. Back in the day, of course, he was as staunch a Catholic as anyone, but these days he prefers to keep spiritual conversations between him and God, without a priest's intervention.

:bulletblue: France has very little concept of personal space. A large part of this isn't even intentional; it's just common in France to be very close to each other, even strangers, even bumping into people without realizing it. It may come off as rude to people who are used to more personal space, but to France it's normal and he won't realize it's bothering someone unless they point it out.

:bulletwhite: Italy learned his driving from somewhere (although he took it to a whole new level). France too, tends to take traffic laws and speed limits as suggestions, rather than absolute rules. He also isn't afraid to shave perilously close to other cars or even nudge them out of the way when necessary. It's just not a big deal in France.

:bulletred: Like most French, Francis avoids turning on the lights until it's pitch black inside. He hates wasting electricity and having to foot the bill, especially since it's expensive in France.

:bulletblue: Like Greece and Spain, France is fairly easy-going in terms of time constraints. Which means he often shows up a while after the appointed time, which isn't unusual in France, but drives countries like Germany and America crazy. Conversely, their crushing need for punctuality strikes him as unhealthy and obsessive.

:bulletwhite: Despite his struggle with immortality, France is actually very good at letting go of the past. He's learned to forgive and move on, not letting past wrongs weigh too much on him. For this reason, he's not angry about Joan of Arc anymore, only sorry that someone he cared so much for had to suffer. He likes to keep looking forward and retain hope for the future. However, he does sometimes have problems letting go of old sorrows.

:bulletred: The French value privacy. France will rarely inquire about matters that strike him as private, although this may come off to some (such as Americans) as a lack of concern, whereas he views it as respecting privacy. Generally he will leave all doors closed, even when he leaves a room and he will always knock before entering.

:bulletblue: Francis was often mistaken for a girl as a child. It didn't offend him so much as he just pointed out that people were incorrect and he was, in fact, a boy. No one seemed to listen much to that.

:bulletwhite: In regards to his empire, he had a bit of a hands-off approach to it. He conquered because it was the thing to do and he liked the pretty exotic things he could get there and the pretty exotic girls, but as for actually maintaining the thing, he had no interest. Particularly when he began to question the morality of what they were doing and, to avoid culpability, took the stance that "well the king is the one doing it, not me, so it's not my fault". He knew at the time it was a total cop-out but he didn't acknowledge it to himself until the early 1900s.

:bulletred: France and England have shared more than one less-drunken-than-they'd-like-everyone-to-think New Years' kiss because there were multiple occasions they happened to be at each other's place for the holiday and sometimes, as part of being a nation-tan, they were so damn lonely they just couldn't take it. And they've known each other their whole lives, so why not have a sentimental moment and share a little kiss? They never talk about it though.

:bulletblue: Francis hates fighting with people he likes. That's not in the usual "people don't like to fight with their loved ones" type thing but the "he will literally do anything to avoid fighting or arguing about anything which includes not bringing up topics that really need to be talked about" type. He'd rather things carry on as they are without rocking the boat than bring up subjects that will cause discord. That also leads him to keeping all his personal problems to himself, because he doesn't want to burden anyone else with them or stir things up by acting anything less than perfectly content.

:bulletwhite: No matter your sex, if Francis gives you oral, you will see fucking fireworks man; this guy is magical like that. And he has no problem with making his partner come several times before giving any attention to himself.

:bulletred: France actually, to an extent, greatly enjoys his partner pulling on his hair or scratching him during sex. He finds it a bit of a turn-on.

:bulletblue: While Francis and Marianne both whole-heartedly love love and desperately wish for their own true loves, they also both subscribe to the old French idiom "Les histoires d'amour finissent mal, en général", which is to say "Grand love stories end badly, in general". With many personal examples to back this up, they do believe that true love rarely ends happily.

:bulletwhite: Francis has the stereotypical French nose, complete with the crook in the middle.

:bulletred: France was a very sweet, well-behaved little child...until he didn't get something he wanted. Then he could throw temper tantrums to make America look tame and wasn't above sitting in one place and screaming until someone gave in just to make him shut up. It helped that he could shriek high-pitched enough to shatter glass before his voice dropped.

:bulletblue: While France has gotten used to fire again, for a while it did give him quite the turn and he spent many nights in a frigid bed chamber after Joan of Arc's death because he refused to have the brazier lit.

:bulletwhite: France takes his coffee with all sorts of cream and sugar and milk; basically anything to cover up the actual taste of coffee.

:bulletred: France still harbors guilt about the death of Holy Rome. He chose to be the one to tell Italy because he wanted to tell him in the least damaging way possible.

:bulletblue: France has pretty long legs; when he was a teenager, he felt self-conscious about this because he felt like he was 75% leg.

:bulletwhite: France has a very thin, very white scar around his neck from the French Revolution. Most of the time it's nearly impossible to see, but when there's trouble in the French government--significant trouble, like during WWII or the 1960s--it will becomes inflamed. France will unconsciously scratch and rub at it until it starts turning red. There are only a couple nations that know what that sort of behavior from him means.

:bulletred: Francis has something of an oral fixation and whenever he's nervous or upset, he starts putting things in his mouth--nibbling on his fingernails, chewing on a handkerchief, etc. (he tended to suck his thumb as a small child, particularly when he was scared or anxious).

:bulletblue: Francis strongly identifies with Fantine from Les Mis, with her loss of innocence in comparison to his own (as a child being thrust into the very adult world of war, politics and running a country). He will never not get teary hearing "I Dreamed A Dream" and often will full on cry.

:bulletwhite: I'm one of those trash people who likes France taller than England; I usually h/c his height at around 5'11"

:bulletred: Francis hates any nicknames derived from his name (Frank, Frankie, Fran, etc.). He will only tolerate being called by his full name (or unrelated pet names like love, duck, kitten, etc.)

Headcanons for male France.
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( As a Belgian... the "th" and "r" sounds are absolutely true.


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A little bit late to be commenting, (Oh, who am I kidding, I'm a lot late) but I think it's funny that you say that France cannot say the 'th' or the 'r' sound because of his accent. The reason why I think it's funny is because I can't say 'th' or 'r' either, and no matter how hard I try, I just can't grasp the sound. It's so annoying, because when I talk to my friends, I sound like a 5 year old in comparison. 
TheBeautyofLiberty Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
(Oh, I think it sounds so cute though! If you listen in the anime, France has just the slightest "w" sound following the "r" it's adorable.)
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(Aww, thank you! I figured I needed to address that one in a bit more depth than the rest. Yay! Francey approves my headcanons! :dummy:)
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// After reading these headcanons again, I laughed at the thought of France trying to sing 'Crying'. That would be hilarious! \\
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